How Safe Is My Birth Control?

There are lots of options available to prevent pregnancy. Many use hormones (e.g., estrogen and/or a progestin). Birth control pills are the most common. Other choices are intrauterine devices or IUDs, implants, injections, patches, or a vaginal ring. You may want to... read more

How to Kick the Smoking Habit

Why should I quit smoking? Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do for your health. Smoking can cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and many other health problems. Secondhand smoke can be dangerous too. It can cause lung cancer and heart disease... read more

Hometown Hero – JOHN “MR T” TICHENOR

Coach, Teacher, Counselor and Administrator
All of us at Bluegrass Pharmacy appreciate the time, effort and sacri ces John Tichenor has poured into our community. For the past 30 years, he has worked in the Hopkins County School System as PE Teacher and School Counselor.

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Hometown Hero – PHILIP MCCOY

BLUEGRASS PHARMACY Celebrates Our “TRUE BLUE” NEIGHBOR PHILIP MCCOY. Director of the Christian Food Bank of Hopkins County. Philip McCoy serves as the Director of the Christian Food Bank of Hopkins County, Inc. and is the pastor of Grace Fellowship here in Madisonville.

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Prevent Medication Poisonings in Your Home

Everyone has medicines in their homes. When they are taken the right way and by the right person, medicines keep us healthy. But if too much or the wrong medicine is taken by mistake, poisoning can happen. For a child, taking even a small amount of a medicine meant... read more

Kids and Sleep: How Much is Enough?

What happens when your kid doesn’t get enough sleep? Does he turn into Oscar the Grouch? Not a surprise, really. But moodiness isn’t the only downside of a lack of shuteye. Sleep is critical for mental and physical development. In fact, a lack of sleep can lead to... read more

Hometown Heroes: The Dakins

In January of 2005, the Dakins took their first mission trip to Honduras. During their trip, they felt God’s call for them to dedicate their lives to serving the people of Honduras. Ten years later, the Dakins are full-time missionaries in the mountainous regions of... read more

Hometown Hero: John McCurry

Hometown Hero: John McCurry Breaking Bread Ministries is a free meal program that provides lunch and groceries the third Saturday of each month to those in need in the community of Madisonville, KY.  Breaking Bread was founded by John McCurry in November 2011.  At... read more

Take the “Burn” out of Heartburn

Heartburn occurs when acid from your stomach backs up into your throat. You may feel pain or burning in the stomach, chest, or throat. Heartburn often happens at night or after a big meal. What can I do to Prevent Heartburn? Sometimes there are easy things you can do... read more

How to Shake Restless Legs Syndrome

What does restless legs syndrome (RLS) feel like? Restless legs syndrome is a common movement disorder. It is usually worse when you are less active or resting (e.g., early morning, nighttime, long car or plane ride). You may feel fidgety and have a strong urge to... read more