Hometown Hero: John McCurry

Hometown Hero: John McCurry Breaking Bread Ministries is a free meal program that provides lunch and groceries the third Saturday of each month to those in need in the community of Madisonville, KY.  Breaking Bread was founded by John McCurry in November 2011.  At... read more

Take the “Burn” out of Heartburn

Heartburn occurs when acid from your stomach backs up into your throat. You may feel pain or burning in the stomach, chest, or throat. Heartburn often happens at night or after a big meal. What can I do to Prevent Heartburn? Sometimes there are easy things you can do... read more

How to Shake Restless Legs Syndrome

What does restless legs syndrome (RLS) feel like? Restless legs syndrome is a common movement disorder. It is usually worse when you are less active or resting (e.g., early morning, nighttime, long car or plane ride). You may feel fidgety and have a strong urge to... read more

Aging Women: Ways to Stay Healthier

Like a surprise visit from your least favorite relative, aging can bring more than you’d bargained for: a few more wrinkles, a little less stamina, floppy arms, baggy kneecaps…. Sound familiar? Worse, though, are the big health changes that may accompany aging. Many... read more

Hometown Hero — Kevin Cotton

Kevin Cotton is devoted and motivated to serving this community. He and his wife, Donna Cotton, consistently give back to the community that he believes has given him an opportunity to follow his dream of being an entrepreneur. He is the model of a servant-leader.... read more

Five Tips to Help Save Your Vision

Eight out of 10 people living with vision loss worldwide could have saved their sight through prevention or treatment.1 Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Of course, seeing your doctor for eye exams and treatment is key. Here are a few other things you can do help ensure your... read more

February Hometown Hero

Bobby has been fortunate to call Madisonville his home for over 60 years. Bobby has been married to Barbara Diana Sherrod for 44 years. They have two children Bobby Jr. and Brook and also have five grandchildren Bobby III, Bryson, Bra’Shyia, Bryanne and Brayden.... read more

Tips for Correct Use of Inhalers

Inhalers send medicine directly to your lungs. This is different from most pills or shots, which send medicine to the whole body. Instructions are not the same for all of the different types of inhalers. Be sure you understand how to use each of your inhalers. How can... read more

How Can I Prevent A Kidney Stone

What is a kidney stone? A main job of the kidney is filtering wastes from the blood. The wastes are passed into the urine. The wastes often come from the food we eat. In some people, certain wastes can form a stone in the kidney. There are different types of kidney... read more

Emotions and Heart Disease

In the past 40 years, cases of heart disease in the U.S. have dropped by 20 percent.1 Now, that’s news worth celebrating! Efforts at prevention, detection, and treatment appear to paying off. For example, Americans’ cholesterol levels keep falling. Researchers think... read more