We live in an age where the mass production of food around the world has led to overworking the soil under which it grows. Farmers have long known the benefits of letting the ground rest for a time in order to get the soil back in balance.

Even rotating out crops gives the ground a little break because the nutritional needs of plants vary. But now the demand for food dictates an almost constant use of farm land. That means the food we eat, even organic, does not have near the nutritional value that it did even just a few decades ago.

Research shows that as much as 90% of Americans suffer from nutritional deficiencies. This is why we recommend that everyone, children included, take a multivitamin since they are a rich source of many of the nutrients most of us are lacking.

Madisonville, KY residents have many relatively local and national brands to choose from when it comes to nutritional supplements. So how do you know which ones is best for you or your loved ones?

Ask any of our pharmacists and they will make a recommendation for you based on personal needs with regards to age, activity levels, overall health, and so on.

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