Kevin CottonKevin Cotton is devoted and motivated to serving this community. He and his wife, Donna Cotton, consistently give back to the community that he believes has given him an opportunity to follow his dream of being an entrepreneur. He is the model of a servant-leader.

Kevin Cotton is, by definition, a servant-leader. His business is a means in which he is able to serve others. That is how he has always viewed Brother’s Bar-B-Que. Kevin’s family has been in the business of serving bar-b-que for over 45 years. Kevin took over the family business 25 years ago. He says that the life of an entrepreneur is never smooth sailing. It requires constant innovation and risk. He is supported by a fantastic staff, supportive family, and a strong church!

He volunteers his time and his business through serving at Breaking Bread Ministries, Nashville’s Bridge Ministry, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, One Million Cups, and many local athletic clubs and organizations. Every decision that his team makes to help others comes from the heart and is supported by the tips collected and matched at Brother’s Bar-B-Que. One great example of how this works is the most recent decision to purchase Caroline’s Cart for local grocery stores. The employees saw a need and researched ways to fill the need.

Under Kevin’s Leadership, Brother’s Bar-B-Que is well known for being community-oriented. We pride ourselves on two things – giving back to the community and superb customer service.

Every customer that supports Brother’s Bar-B-Que enables this business, and Kevin Cotton to continue impacting Madisonville and Hopkins County on many different levels.