Bio-Identical Hormones


Hormone replacement therapy has been popularly administered by doctors for many years to relieve the unpleasant effects of menopause. As a woman’s body slowly stops producing estrogen and progesterone, doctors search for ways to help her adjust to this new phase of life. Among the benefits of hormone replacement therapy are the prevention of osteoporotic fractures and colorectal cancer. Bluegrass Pharmacy professionals compound bio-medical hormone replacement treatments onsite, working directly with your doctor to create a specialized plan targeted at your specific needs.

Current medical research has proven that formulating medication specifically for the needs of the individual is the ideal way to administer these helpful hormones. Every woman’s body is different, and although the components of the medication may be relatively consistent, the dosage and ratios of one medication to another vary depending on the chemical make-up of the patient. The reasons for taking hormone replacements vary depending on pre-existing conditions, age and reproductive health history.

At Bluegrass Pharmacy, hormone replacement therapy is administered according to the needs of each individual patient. Bluegrass pharmacists communicate with your doctor and follow his or her instructions to customize a treatment plan. Talk to a Bluegrass Pharmacy expert to determine the right treatment for you. Also, visit this related link: ZRT Laboratory

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