Why does Bluegrass Pharmacy choose in-house compounding?

Bluegrass Pharmacy is affiliated with the Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America, headquartered in Houston, TX. The Bluegrass staff is dedicated to customizing its services to meet your specific needs. In addition to offering over-the-counter medications, Bluegrass pharmacists patiently mix chemicals by hand, achieving accurate dosages and balanced substance ratios for your unique physiological make-up.
Our professionally trained pharmacists formulate drug combinations especially designed for pediatric or geriatric patients, as treatment for chronic or post-operative pain management, in response to complications related to diabetes, and as a plan of action for a variety of other areas of care, including biomedical hormone replacement therapy. Instead of trusting a distant company to generate the best treatment for you, Bluegrass pharmacists prefer to work with local physicians to keep your treatment plan close to home.

Is compounding right for you?

According to the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, millions of Americans choose compounded medicine over commercial treatments and experience improved health as a result. In order to implement an effective protocol for the treatment of complex diseases, Bluegrass pharmacists formulate medications in strengths and forms that are right for you.
For which health issues is compounding most beneficial?


Bluegrass Pharmacy offers an assortment of compounded ointments, lotions and creams for the treatment of skin disorders like acne, eczema, viral infections and psoriasis, to name a few. Working with patients and physicians to produce original treatments not readily available through medication manufacturers enables Bluegrass Pharmacy to provide back-ordered or discontinued medications and to formulate original solutions.


Making healthy lifestyle choices is easier when you have the encouragement and support of your local pharmacist on your side. Circulation problems, wound healing and pain management become easier to control with the application of appropriate medicinal formulas. Bluegrass Pharmacy is devoted to helping you manage your diabetes by providing compounded medications tailored to you specific needs.


Multiple opportunities for using compounded drugs exist in the world of dentistry. Bluegrass pharmacists tackle problem areas such as chronic non-microbial mucositis, xerostomia and fluoride treatments, as well as cosmetic techniques like bleaching and whitening, offering agents in a variety of dosage forms, including gels, popsicles, lip balms and lollipops.


Any parent who has wandered the grocery store aisles looking for the perfect combination of medications for a sick child understands the frustrations of a one-size-fits-all market of children’s drugs. Due to allergies, the inability to swallow capsules or pills and other sensitivities, children benefit greatly from Bluegrass Pharmacy’s ability to prepare prescriptions that target the sickness in a palatable form.

Sports Medicine

Sports is almost synonymous with injuries, and Bluegrass Pharmacy is keenly aware of the myriad of physical ailments encountered by people who are athletically active. Some areas addressed by Bluegrass Pharmacy’s sports compounding capabilities are solutions for muscle cramps, blisters, rehydration, athletes foot, nail fungus and calluses.

Veterinary Needs

Bluegrass Pharmacy offers crucial compounding services to the veterinary community. The commercial market makes available a limited selection of flavors, dosages and potency levels, which often requires pet owners and farmers to seek further assistance from a pharmacist. The overall well-being of the animal is as much a priority of Bluegrass Pharmacy as it is to you.