Kentucky Employee Health Insurance Group

Question: I am an employee of the state of Kentucky. Can you fill my prescriptions?
Answer: Yes, We have filled prescriptions for the employees of the state of Kentucky and their families for over 30 years and we are still a participating provider.

Medicare Part D Plans

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Insurance Companies

Bluegrass Pharmacy aims to provide the best care at the most affordable prices. The staff at Bluegrass Pharmacy cooperates with private insurance companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid to offer the best prescription drugs at the lowest prices. Your health is at the heart of Bluegrass Pharmacy’s business. If you have questions about insurance eligibility and services, Bluegrass Pharmacy professionals make time to discuss your options and offer guidance and advice. Your basic understanding of the insurance process is as important to Bluegrass Pharmacy as it is to you.

Diabetes Information

Bluegrass Pharmacy specializes in helping patients who have diabetes live normal, productive lives. Being diagnosed with diabetes may be disturbing and leave you with a myriad of questions about how to stay in control of your health. According to the American Diabetes Association, over 20.8 million Americans have been diagnosed with the disease. If you fall into this category, Bluegrass Pharmacy can help you monitor and maintain healthy blood sugar levels by providing one-on-one consultations. Their goal is to help you monitor the levels of glucose in your blood and use prescribed medications to keep your insulin and glucose levels in balance.
Insulin is produced by the body to convert sugar, starches and other foods into energy. A person who has diabetes reserves sugar in the bloodstream instead of releasing it to cells throughout the body. The cells react by starving for sugar and trying to obtain and horde it. Consequently, the blood maintains a high level of sugar, which stimulates the pancreas to produce an over abundance of insulin for combating the sugar. The problem is that the insulin generated by the pancreas is not enough to keep things under control. Insulin is a hormone, and as discussed on the biomedical hormone replacement section, Bluegrass Pharmacy compounds hormone medications on-site.
All diabetes sufferers are not the same, so Bluegrass Pharmacy works with individual patients and their doctors to establish customized treatment plans. Professional staff members take time to talk to you and your doctor about your unique circumstances. Based on information specific to your situation, Bluegrass pharmacists prepare and distribute your medication in an easy, convenient dosage package available upon request.